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Your home is the place where you tend to spend even two-thirds of your time, that’s why it is very important that your home is very functional and comfortable as well. The interior design has a very important role in completing this task. The furniture company ‘Eureka’ prepares and realises designs for a whole home interior design. All pieces of furniture are manufactured from solid wood, they have a splendid decoration and are comfortable and functional as well. When you choose furniture for your home interior design from our catalogue, you will receive not only a well furnished home but a real home.

We are happy to present to you a home interior design that is completely completed by our company ‘Eureka’. It is specially manufactured for a one-family house and includes manufacturing of all pieces of furniture- starting from the kitchen and finishing with the bath-room (ref.8026).The kitchen is presented in neo country style in white and sandy nuances. It includes, apart from the kitchen cupboards, dining-table chairs for six people as well. The table is produced from solid wood as well as the chairs which have broad seats and comfortable upholstery.

Depending on our customers’ preferences, all pieces of furniture may be produced from beech, cherry-tree, lime-tree or beech. From the menu ‘Fabrics, you can choose the upholstery and from the menu ‘Colours’, you can select the most suitable colour for the furniture. Manufacturing this design, we have used the natural nuances and retro design.


Retro home interior design manufactured from solid wood

The set for a bedroom includes a bed with a double board, a stool and night stand cabinets from solid wood. A solid three-winged wardrobe in golden oak colour is added to it.

A retro cupboard from solid wood in white was specially manufactured for the bathroom.

The home interior design also includes furniture for a nursery including a computer desk, a retro chair with a soft seat, and a backrest, a three-winged wardrobe with a small bookcase and the vestibule is realised in a classical style with a small solid table, and a retro coat-peg with a small cupboard, a shelf for keys and a solid wood cupboard to be used for shoes.

The complete home interior design has been manufactured with furnishing the office with solid wood furniture combining a show cases set with glass doors and lower cupboards from natural wood with a solid wood desk manufactured from oak wood as well. The living room is realised in light nuances and includes an armchair and ‘Chesterfield’ sofa with a fabric, a TV cupboard and a small coffee table manufactured completely from solid wood.

And the last but not least, the home interior design set also contains the dining-room furniture which is also manufactured from solid wood and a chest of drawers, a show case and a dining table with chairs suitable for eight chairs.