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When we have to furnish our home, the most important issue is to arrange our home in a way that it will be a cosy as well as a comfortable and nice place to live in. Our furniture company’ Eureka’ knows how to solve this issue.

We are presenting to you a design for a home interior which includes a Mediterranean spirit combined with furniture in Neo classical style and with modern functionality. All pieces of furniture have been produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ and have been produced from high-quality solid wood.

The kitchen is luxurious with multiple cupboards, a functional kitchen island and is completely manufactured from solid oak wood, its colour is white. It is a perfect choice for a big home or luxurious flat with a spacious place for cooking where you will enjoy preparing the food.


Luxurious home interior with furniture from oak wood

The dining room is also in white, it is furnished with furniture in classical style and the accent is on a solid wood cupboard. The chairs model is ‘Spain’ and are manufactured from oak wood. The table is also produced from oak wood and depending on the customers’ preferences, it can be produced with an extending mechanism.

All pieces of furniture from this set for home interior are produced in accordance with our customers’ individual preferences and his/her personal requirements. From the menu’ Colours’ on our site, you can choose the colour of the furniture which will be the most suitable for your home interior.

The complete home interior also includes furniture for your vestibule, bedroom and living-room. For this design we have manufactured a living-room table and a classical cupboard with four drawers as well as a retro cupboard from beech wood in white. The furniture can be produced from beech, oak-tree, cherry-tree or lime-tree wood. Depending on our customers’ financial capability, we use solid wood combined with planes covered with natural veneer.

The furniture design of a home interior also contains a small white table produced in retro style as well as small cupboards with drawers; they are also produced from white oak wood with brown patina.

The whole furniture set for the home interior includes the furniture manufacture in the same style and type, in this case-oak wood. The colour is white with an open pore, the panelwork of the dining-room and the living-room are in this colour as well. Depending on our customers’ preferences all walls can be panelled with wood in the same colour.