Dining Room Interior Design - 8003

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Every elegant home needs a beautiful dining-room, in order to achieve the ideal interior; one of the most important things is the dining-room. We are presenting to you a set of furniture for a dining-room which will fit an aristocratic house in the country and a modern flat in the heart of a big town as well. The model in the picture is made from beech but it is also offered in options from beech, cherry-tree and lime-tree. It consists of a nice oval table, wooden chairs with soft upholstery and an angular show case combining with a unique cupboard containing a chest of drawers from solid wood and an elegant show case from natural solid wood and glass.

Up to the customers ‘taste a column can be added with a perfect wood-carving which will make the furnishing really unique.

The basic element of the assembly is the table (ref.2017) - with classic oval form, smooth edges and covered with protective lacquer which will emphasize the simple decorative lines. Chairs in classic styles are placed around it, ref.1074 with upholstery.


Luxurious furniture for dining-room

A curious accent to the whole furniture for a dining-room is the luxurious show case(ref.3094).This component is designed for the room angle-it doesn’t require a large space, with a good capacity and the most important thing-very nice. The show case is with smooth edges, special facing and suitable glazing. What differs it from similar pieces of furniture is the carving on column-it offers it an effective appearance and with certainty it is a real treasure in every fitting-up.

An additional advantage is that the show case is made in accordance with customers assigned measures so that it responds to the specific measures of the place where it will be placed.

The set is very popular amongst our customers. Thousands of people have chosen this classic but unusual interior design of a dining room. In our company ‘Eureka’ it is produced from high-quality solid wood, you have a great variety of choices between beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree in colour according to your taste.

We are ready to offer an option of compromise and cheaper one-the same interior design of a dining room but produced from solid wood and veneered planes.

In order to emphasize the effect of the beautiful design and to keep in step with the interior design fashion, you can choose the evergreen. Retro models cannot be old-fashioned and the luxurious furniture of ‘Eureka’ can be produced with weathered patina finish. Looking at the picture, you can understand how much beautiful this assembly for  dining room interior design looks like.