Contemporary bookcase - 8017

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Every home is in need of a stylish and comfortable contemporary bookcase. Small souvenirs need a lot of place to be located on, so it is necessary to be collected somewhere together. Perhaps, you are sick of thinking where you have to put all the unnecessary objects. One solid contemporary bookcase mounted on your wall will solve your problem.

What do we suggest?

We are presenting to you a solid contemporary bookcase (ref.8017) which depending on the customers’ requirements can be manufactured together with a wardrobe. All parts are produced from natural wood and are from solid wood. The model is manufactured from beech, cherry-tree or lime-tree. You are free to choose the best colour for you from the menu ‘Colours’.

Depending on the customers’ preferences, the furniture company ‘ Eureka’ offers to their customers to produce this contemporary bookcase from planes veneered with natural veneer combined with solid wood. However, if the customers want, the contemporary bookcase model can be also produced completely from solid wood.


A contemporary solution for a small home-a contemporary bookcase

The advantages of the contemporary bookcase are the following: it doesn’t need a lot of place, it is easily mounted on the wall and it is a very functional piece of furniture. Combined with a wardrobe, you can store not only your small objects like books and souvenirs, but also clothes or different kind of appliances which you do not want to put in the open, or you do not want to be all over the whole room. This contemporary bookcase model can be also used as a TV table. This functional piece of furniture is very suitable not only for a living room, but also for a nursery.

A similar type of contemporary bookcases is a perfect choice for small homes as studio flats and for bigger homes as well. It is a preferred piece of furniture for a family with teenagers and for their nurseries and for people who like classical furniture, stylish, delicate and elegant.

You can want this contemporary bookcase to be manufactured with weathered finish and in this way the contemporary bookcase model will seem to be in retro style. The customers, who have chosen this model for their living-room, usually combine it with a small coffee table, produced from glass and solid wood and three-seated sofas (ref.5018) in green.

The contemporary bookcase model, that is offered by our company, is in Ivoire colour but you can choose what colour you want varying from white to wenge, reseda or even cerise.