Big Dining Table - 8004

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The modern business can also like high-tech fitting-up and minimalism, but no one serious entrepreneur or a company with traditions will meet you in their conference room with simple furniture made from glass and steel. Prosperous people estimate luxury and require it in every aspect of their life-mainly at work. That’s why we are happy to present you with a big dining room produced from solid wood in retro style and smooth forms.

The furniture company ‘Eureka’ does its best to respond to its customers’ high standards and requirements mainly when we talk about business interior. And in the corporations’ world there is no place for compromises mainly in the interior design. We are presenting a big dining room model produced from solid wood. The model is an elegant combination of a stylish and simple broad board with solid legs that are turned on a lathe. The table is offered in asset consisting of 12 chairs and is a perfect option for business meetings as well as a business lunch, when sometimes the negotiations develop into a moment that the business people need to have business lunch.


A conference table and a luxurious piece of furniture for a dining-room

The big dining room (ref.2036) is the biggest in our catalogue. Our customers have the opportunity to choose between beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree solid wood for its production or they can also combine natural wood with veneered planes. The colour of this luxurious piece of furniture also depends on our customers’ taste-you can mark your preferences in the menu ‘Colours’.

It is suitable for business meetings but also the big dining table is a perfect option to have it in your home. Big suburbs houses owners often choose it for their spacious dining-rooms because there is a place for 12 people to seat on.

Because of its specific size, the big dining room cannot be produced with an extending mechanism. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ designers however, have thought about the people who do not have much money and who do not have enough space. They can buy this perfect jewel but with smaller size.

A table with measures260/120/75, for example, is a very suitable option in a normal house. With this elegance at home you are bringing not only beauty but solemnity in your dining-room as well. In order to have a complete interior, we are offering the necessary number of chairs (ref.1036) which design contributes to the big dining table delicacy. The chairs are also produced from wood and soft upholstery. They offer the necessary comfort to your guests not only during meetings but also during business lunch.