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Every young lady wants to feel like a queen in her bedroom, so it is possible to be done. With the classic bedroom interior design produced by the furniture company ‘Eureka’ you can enjoy an unusual luxury at your home.

We are presenting to you a set for bedroom interior design. The perfect interior and furniture are designed in classical and are a perfect choice for a master bedroom in an aristocratic house in a town or for a provincial estate.

The bedroom interior design includes the following: a bedroom suite-(ref.4020) with a wood-carving and upholstered board of the bed, bedside cupboards with weathered finish and bronze handles, a dressing table with mirrors, Louis XIV style furniture, combined with a two-seated sofa, a small table and a stool from the ‘Orchid’ series. The bedroom interior design also includes a wardrobe with mirror doors and also a four-winged wardrobe with sliding doors.


Bedroom interior design for a queen, manufactured by the furniture company ‘Eureka’

All pieces of furniture are manufactured from solid wood and are offered in different colours. From our menu on the site, you can choose the colour of the fabric and the option to be woven or produced from leather. This bedroom interior design model is produced in four types from oak-tree, beech, cherry-tree or lime-tree. Our company can offer a great variety of models but we work on our customers’ individual designs. The luxurious interior at home can offer a lot of opportunities and the suitable bedroom interior design can make wonders for your home. The advantages of this furniture for a bedroom interior design are not hidden only behind the fact that every lady who uses this kind of furniture will feel as a film star. You do not have to underestimate the comfort, the high wearproof and the last but not least is its elegant design which will guarantee furniture eternity at your home.

The classical and luxurious bedroom interior design is preferred by people who can afford it, who esteem not only the comfort in their bedrooms but also the cosiness, the beautiful atmosphere offered by this type of furniture.

Another advantage of ‘Eureka’s bedroom interior design is that it is produced from high-quality materials. Depending on our customers’ requirements, the colour may be changed and the furniture is manufactured from solid wood and has a guarantee for high quality. When you buy a quantity of the product, we are ready to offer you discounts, apart from that, our company has experts who can take the measures on site and bring the bedroom furniture to your home after they have completed the order.