Interior design for living room - 8018

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The elegant interior design is a combination of a number of factors. A good light, a suitable wall colour, floor and of course, suitable furniture for interior design for a living room.

The designers from the furniture company ‘Eureka’ have designed the perfect furniture for interior design for living room, a perfect choice for a modern home in a town and for a homey house in a village as well. The living room furniture set from solid wood (ref.8018) is a perfect choice for your home. Owing to it, you will solve your problem concerning the interior design and at the same time, you have luxurious furniture for a living room suitable for a big as well as a small home.

In order to be able to achieve the atmosphere of an aristocratic and an elegant home, you need not simply furniture, which you saw in the shop, but solid furniture with classic design, delicate manufacturing and what is the most important thing is that it is high quality.


Modern interior design for living room

We use the best quality materials in the process of manufacturing interior design for not only living rooms. All of our models are produced from solid wood and the set is offered to be made from beech, lime-tree, cherry-tree or oak-tree. Choosing furniture manufactured by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, you will receive the best-a delicate product, a durable colour, furniture solidity and quality of the product which price is a suitable one.


What about the advantages of the product?

The set consists of an oval table and six chairs with upholstery, produced from high quality solid wood. The table (ref.2060) is manufactured as a combination of solid wood and planes covered with natural veneer but depending on our customers’ requirements, it can be completely produced from solid wood as well. The model is also offered with an extending mechanism, if customers want the definite furniture to be produced with such.

The advantages of this furniture model are that it can be used not only for interior design for a living room but also for a dining room. The furniture model is stylish and can be combined with the other part of the room furniture.

The chairs are with a simple design in classical style with upholstered seat and backrest(ref.1074). The table is with delicate decorative curves at the lower part.

The set is a perfect choice for a living room and for a dining room as well. It is also a perfect choice if you want to combine the furniture for a living room and dining room in one room. It is one of the best-selling models of ‘Eureka’, which is preferred in the UK as well as throughout Europe. We can offer an excellent discount if you order quantities of the model.