Small oval dining table - 2025

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The small oval dining table model - a perfect choice for refined interiors

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has the opportunity to present to its customers’ attention a classical dining table model you can always rely on.

Choosing the small oval dining table model has always suggested for excellent taste and aristocracy nuance. Even in the stressful everyday life people are attracted by the beauty and solemnity of retro furniture.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s production includes in its catalogue a piece of furniture which is provided with the elegant elements of the classical interior design but without any superfluous pomposity. If you have chosen the modern style of interior design, this small oval dining table model will be the perfect choice for it as well.

The small oval dining table model is a very beautiful piece of furniture which can be produced from beech, cherry-tree, and oak-tree or lime tree. The high quality wood material is only one element of its luxurious production. Pay attention to the delicate line of the broad board, the traditional carving on both ends of the legs. We use excellent protective lacquer coating which guarantee that the beauty of the small oval dining table will be preserved in the course of time and at the same time it focuses on every line and curve of the small oval dining table model.

The small oval dining table model is produced to order with the following catalogue measures: 1800/ 750/ 900 but it can be also produced in accordance with our customers’ preferred measures. You have the freedom to choose the colour but you are advised to do it very carefully. The small oval dining table model usually becomes the centre around which the interior design composition is created, that’s why the accent you are going to offer to it is of great importance. The dark nuances offer authority, stability even nobility in the atmosphere. The soft brown nuances suggest a feeling for cosiness, warmth and peace. Light and white tones are perfect for modern interior designs. Every lady who loves Rustic or Provence styles will admit that she really likes this small oval dining table model where you can easily imagine to have a candlestick with facing, beautiful silver utensils, painted porcelain plates.

All in all, you are advised that you look at the great variety of colours offered by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ in the menu ‘Colours’ on our site. If you want to combine the small oval dining table with the suitable chairs set , you can see suitable offers in the section ’ Chairs’.

We offer our practical customers the opportunity to produce the small oval dining table according to their preferred measures and even with an extendable mechanism. This dining table model is produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels but we can offer our customers, who appreciate the highest quality, to produce this dining table model completely from solid wood. We will offer an excellent discount to our customers who will order a larger quantity of the small oval dining table model.