Round dining table - 2051

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Round dining table suitable for modern interior

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ can boast of its authority among the classic solid wood furniture producers but it is also proud of its wonderful samples suitable for every type of interior.

The round dining table has a unique design which will impress our customers with attractive design without making compromises with quality and reliability. The person who owns the round dining table will be proud to place a piece of furniture, which is obviously inspired by the new century, in the centre of his living-room.

The round dining table has a perfect round broad board which legs resemble natural extensions. The combination finishes with one more wooden disc, which places the stable base of the table model. The iron facing guarantees strength but emphasizes the aesthetic design of the product as well. Without having any other decoration, the round dining table has proven to be not only a piece of furniture but almost a modern sculpture from wood and metal. If you place it in your living-room, you already have not only a non standard table but a real masterpiece of the designer art.

It is sure that you will not see this round dining table model at every home. This unique piece of furniture is appreciated by the people who admire the minimalist art or even high-tech interiors and those type of people who are connected to nature and the natural way of living.

The round dining table model is made to order from the wood of beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. It looks great not only in the rooms of every modern home but also in the reception-rooms or offices in the public places. The hotels which interior design follows the modern trends in the interior design can use the round dining table in their parlours as well as their flats. We offer excellent discounts to the customers who would like to order a larger quantity of the round dining table model.

If you have been impressed by this unique aerodynamic treasure, we offer to you the freedom to choose some more different measures than the catalogue ones (900/750/900).Another opportunity that is offered to our customers is that you are free to choose the nuance  from the menu ‘Colours’ in which you want to be this dining table model. We also offer options with weathered finish.

The round dining table model is a luxurious but not a piece of furniture that is within the financial capabilities of every person. It is produced not only from solid wood but from solid wood and naturally veneered panels. Furthermore, it is not necessary to worry how to find the chairs suitable for the round dining table model. You can look at the chair model (ref.1031) from our catalogue, which is a perfect choice for this unique dining table model.