Oval dining table - 2017

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An oval dining table with a traditional design

The furniture company ‘Eureka’ is presenting to you the oval dining table model with classic design, preferred for every home with a beautiful interior design. The model is with traditional design, having some retro elements. An oval  surface, four legs which are gathered in a cross leg table base, delicate carving, smooth shapes, construction stability are perfectly combined so that you can get an idea at first sight that this oval dining table is an exceptional treasure for every home.

Its catalogue measures are the following: 1600 (2000) /900/750.If you have a big dining-room, you can get a big oval dining table in accordance with your personal measures. And the opposite is possible as well-if your living-room or kitchen, where you would like to place the oval dining table, are smaller ones or simply you just want to feel more comfortable with your family and to have more free space if it is necessary to welcome more guests, we have a perfect solution for you. We can also offer to you to manufacture the oval dining table model with extendable mechanism. This dining table model has two important advantages: it is highly comfortable and provides its users with the opportunity to relax together with their family and when it is necessary , for example during holidays, the big company can make themselves comfortable sitting at the extendable table which can reach to 2 metre long.

The oval dining table model is produced from the high quality wood of beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. The materials that are used to produce this model, the protective wood processing techniques and protecting coating guarantee usage for a long period of time. You will be the people who will have the freedom to choose the colour of the oval dining table. Taking into account the dining table model universality, you can make it suitable for your interior design only when you choose the nuance. The light colours are suitable for the most modern trends in the interior design while the darker colours are more suitable for the classic (retro) styles because it offers additional authority and solemnity to the atmosphere.

The oval dining table model is perfectly combined with a set of chairs from the kitchen chair series-ref.1074 or with a chair with arm supports ref.1086. What is more, it is a perfect solution to furnishing a separate dining-room at your home as well as zoning your living-room into separate areas.

Having the oval dining table model , produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ at your home, means that you have a delicate taste but we can also offer more practical solutions to our customers. Our company offers the same oval dining table model but manufactured in a combination of solid wood and natural veneer panels, if you do not like to have this dining table model produced completely from solid wood.

Public places’ owners (restaurants, hotels) appreciate the fact that we offer an excellent discount if they order a larger quantity of the oval dining table model.