Folding dining table - 2060

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A folding dining table with a classical interior design

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has the opportunity to present to its customers the folding dining table model which will simply attract your attention at first sight. The model is not only comfortable and suitable for small homes but it also has some other advantages among which is the fact that it spares precious room and offers our customers the opportunity to use it not only in the kitchen but also in their living-room where they can form a dining corner.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s mission is not only to produce luxurious furniture but also to offer beauty in every aspect in our everyday life. Although that our furniture differs in style, design and application, what it has in common is high-quality manufacture and impressive design.

The folding dining table model is a typical representative of the above mentioned. When choosing such a piece of furniture, people usually pay attention to its practicality because customers worry about their budget. Since the folding dining table will be used by your family and your closest friends, this doesn’t mean that you have to make compromises with the quality and design. On the contrary, you have to choose the best furniture for the most precious people. You will not be the only people, because this folding dining table is the most preferred one in our company’s catalogue.

The folding dining table model is a very elegant piece of furniture with a perfect ellipse broad board, two perfectly processed bases with oval carving and stable cross leg base end.

The folding dining table model is made to order and is produced from high quality beech, cherry-tree oak-tree or lime-tree wood. Its catalogue measures are the following: 1600/750/900 but the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ can produce it in accordance with our customers’ preferred measures. There is also an option to produce this dining table model without an extendable mechanism.

The colour of the folding dining table model can be found in the great variety of colours shown in the menu ‘Colours’.

If you would like to focus on the retro elements of this folding dining table model, it’s better to choose a dark nuance. It will emphasize the folding dining table delicacy and beauty and it will also provide the model with some solemnity. The lighter colours should not be ignored as well, then the dining table will illuminate the room and it will become the centre of the interior.

We offer an option to the people who appreciate the uncompromising quality to produce this folding dining table completely from solid wood and we also offer a compromise option to the customers with tight budget, planned to be used for furniture-a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels.

The folding dining table model is so impressive that you will be proud to furnish your restaurant or hotel. We offer discounts to the customers who order a greater quantity of the folding dining table model. Thousands of this dining table model are ordered from the Western Europe countries.