Compact dining table - 2024

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A unique retro compact dining table model

The furniture factory’ Eureka’ relies on the highest quality materials, luxurious manufacture and attractive design in the process of its furniture manufacture. The models that we offer in the furniture market comply with the traditions of the furniture production. For example, we can skilfully combine a modern design with retro elements in a standard composition of a compact dining table, which are common in a given interior.

A typical example for this is the production of the compact dining table model that we are offering to you. It impresses our customers’ attention at first sight with practicality as well as with exceptional beauty. The smooth rectangular broad board is simple but the legs have wonderful carving at both ends. There isn’t any superfluous decoration on this interesting compact dining table model. A person has to appreciate highly the beauty that surrounds him as well as at home. Since people will use this dining table and chairs every day for a long period of time, they are advised to buy this elegant and beautiful compact dining table model for their family.

The design of the compact dining table makes it a suitable model for a town home as well as for a house in a village. Taverns and boutique hotels’ owners will be also attracted by this compact dining table model. It will provide your place with an exceptional authentic design. Furthermore, the place will get unique design and the guests will be feeling very comfortable while they are eating at this table model.

The small drawer in the table is a curious element of the compact dining table model. Perhaps, you may not have seen a table with a similar element but it is sure that everybody keeps a precious memory from his/her childhood house. Every practical housewife knows how important and precious it is. You can keep there not only polished shining utensils for special occasions but if it is necessary, the small drawer can hide some trifles which always make a mess-remote control batteries spare keys, tin-opener, corkscrew, etc.

It is sure that you have been impressed by this beautiful compact dining table model which can be made to order, from solid wood and naturally veneered panels or produced completely from solid wood. Its catalogue measures are 1400/750/800 but if it is necessary, our furniture company can produce the compact dining table in accordance with your personal measures responding to your kitchen size.

We produce the compact dining table from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree and the colour depends completely on our customers’ needs and taste. The nuance in which you want to be your compact dining table can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’.

Those customers, who will order a larger quantity of the compact dining table model, will receive an excellent discount offered by our company’Eureka’.