Еxtending dining table - 2098

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The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has the opportunity to offer to its customers the extending dining table model, which fits every home. Our company has in its catalogue the extending dining table which is very elegant and stylish.

The designer extending dining table model, that is shown, is highly preferred by our Western Europe customers and its advantages are obvious to the customers. This extending dining table suggests for cosiness and it can offer enough place for your family members and some guests. It stands the test of time and is easily maintained, which is guaranteed by the natural materials. You will not have the problem with the typical wearing out, which seems to be a characteristic feature of the furniture produced from chipboard and MDF.

The extending dining table model is of high quality and what is more, it fits perfectly classical as well as modern interior design. Its place is in the dining-room or in the kitchen depending on your home interior design. The extending dining table, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka ‘, can be easily transformed into a comfortable relaxation corner for your family and it offers elegant accent at your home.

A luxurious extending dining table

The luxurious extending dining table model has been designed to be used mainly at home but you can also include it your villa, rest-house or holiday complex for rent. The luxurious extending dining table, that is shown, is suitable for big dining-rooms or living-rooms as well as for smaller ones. Owing to its compact design, it can be easily included in your home interior design.

Its durability and decent price are incomparable qualities in contrast to some more models offered in the furniture market. Its standard catalogue measures are the following: 750/1000/1000 and every order can be fulfilled according to our customers’ personal preferences. This luxurious extending dining table model can be produced with extending mechanism as well if our customers like and the extended dining table can reach up to 2 m.

Our furniture factory ‘Eureka’ does its best to produce eco friendly, comfortable and solid furniture. This luxurious extending dining table (ref.2098) is not an exception and is one wonderful investment made by every modern flat owner.

The luxurious extending dining table model can be produced from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree and the colour of the luxurious extending dining table can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours ‘on our company site. The model is produced completely from solid wood but it can be also produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. Depending on our customers’ personal preferences, we can produce this extending dining table model with non standard broad board and also in one colour. We also offer quantity discount to the customers who order a larger quantity of the luxurious extending dining table model.