Square coffee table uk - 2119

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A square coffee table uk produced from solid wood

The square coffee table uk model, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ seem to be a modest but a very elegant addition to the interior design. This table as well as the other samples of our production is a luxurious solution produced from high quality precious wood material of beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree.

The square coffee table uk , as its name suggests, has a square board decorated only with a carving line some millimetres from the edge. The square coffee table model continues with a strong construction of four legs, which are bevelled from both ends for achieving aesthetic effect.

The square coffee table uk presents a perfect combination of simplicity, charm and exceptional reliability. It can be produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels or completely from solid wood but the square coffee table model is a light as well as an elegant piece of furniture, which will attract your guests’ attention. What is more, the square coffee table model is produced from solid wood, which is a guarantee for reliability and solidity even after long years of usage.

The unostentatious beauty of the coffee table model defines its multifunctionality. Every housewife always needs to have more space and additional furniture not only in her living-room. This coffee table model can be moved and you can use it in every room even on the terrace. Furthermore, it is easily combined with every type of furniture so you can enjoy its design and style in every interior.

If you have decided to drink your coffee in the sun, you can arrange this place with trim furniture as this square coffee table uk model and we will guarantee you a double pleasure from this ritual. Our French customers, for whom we produce this square coffee table uk model, will confirm that it is a pleasure to be surrounded by beauty in every aspect of your everyday life.

The square coffee table uk is also suitable for furnishing public places as cafes and restaurants. What we can offer the owners is not only a luxurious piece of furniture but also an excellent discount if they order a larger quantity of this square coffee table uk model, which will reduce their interior design budget.

If you like the square coffee table uk design but you have a more attractive colour solution, our furniture company ‘Eureka’ will provide you with the opportunity to choose the colour you prefer most. You can select the colour from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site and you can boast not only of elegant but also of unique square coffee table uk model ,which is produced completely in accordance to your requirements and preferences. We offer to our customers who want to use it for dining, to look at the option dining table- ref.2118.