Modern coffee table - 2087

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A modern coffee table having a triangle board

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s designers do not stop surprising its customers with more provocative solutions and ideas. Our production does not rely only on the well-known constructions and decoration in order to be able to be a competitive company in the international market. In response to the demand of different furniture with untraditional design we have the opportunity to offer the modern coffee table model to our customers.

The modern coffee table model cannot impress its customers with a construction. It has a simple board, three legs and a base which offers solidity. You cannot see any carving, facing or decoration on the modern coffee table model, but in fact this table model will attract its customers at first sight.

The boards of the coffee table model have untraditional triangle shape and the legs have alternative decoration. The combination is a perfect one, suitable for every modern living-room as well as offices. The exquisite simplicity of the table model makes it a perfect choice for every town office. This modern coffee table model can be used for a briefing when colleagues will meet around it, when dynamic companies’ customers will be met and it can be even placed in front of the managers’ offices.

This modern coffee table model is exceptionally artistic and it is very suitable for avant-garde or more eclectic homes interior design. This modern coffee table can be also used for a great varieties of purposes.

Popular cafes’ brave owners can order a larger quantity of this modern coffee table model. They will receive an excellent discount from our company, which will reduce the interior design budget and what is more, they will appreciate the fact that they will be able to take part in the process of its production.

First, we take into consideration the specific measures of the place where this modern coffee table model will be placed. Its catalogue measures are the following: 1400/450/850 but our company works mainly in accordance with our customers’ preferences and requirements.

It is made to order from beech, oak, cherry, lime tree wood and the colour of this coffee table model can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site. Depending on your financial capabilities, it can be produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels or completely from solid wood.

The modern coffee table model is non standard one but it is highly preferred abroad. Its alternative and practical design enjoys  great interest in France where thousands of our customers have furnished their homes with this splendid modern coffee table model.