Marble coffee table - 2081

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An exceptionally elegant marble coffee table model

This table model has been designed to be used by customers who will appreciate its quality and design. Our furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has the pleasure to present to its customers the marble coffee table model which will be treasure for every type of homes.

People who have the luck to live in luxurious houses with big rooms and space as well as the prosperous companies’ managers have special requirements for furnishing their home and office.

They require perfection, high quality, and unique luxury. You can find all this in the furniture factory Eureka’s rich catalogue and especially in the marble coffee table model.

The marble coffee table model impresses with luxurious beauty and size. Its catalogue measures are the following: 1110/460/610 but our company provides the customers with the opportunity to choose the size of the marble coffee table model on their own. That’s why we accept individual measures which will respond to your place where you will put this marble coffee table.

This coffee table model has a smooth marble board with rectangular shape. Its shape is the most stable one you can have-solid four legs with traditional decoration, a heavy additional board for a base and two drawers decorated with fine carving.

The marble coffee table elegance is emphasized by nice curves known from the regal interior design styles-Baroque, Rococo and Empire. There is not much facing but it emphasizes its elegance.

It is not necessary to mention that you will ‘commit a crime’ if you cover with textile this elegant marble coffee table if the latter is of a very high quality. The marble coffee table model is so elegant and splendid that every element of it offers specific beauty and focuses on the luxurious solution. What is more, the marble coffee table model provides every home with aristocracy and is very important piece of furniture for its owners.

Of course, it is produced from the highest quality solid wood of beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. The colour of the marble coffee table model can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site as we want you to pay attention to the fact that dark colours emphasize more times its regal presence. On the other hand, light nuances focus on the table decoration and provide the home with solemn elegance.

It is obligatory that this marble coffee table is the centre of the room interior design. It fits perfectly a spacious living-room or a very luxurious bedroom. It can be also situated in the general director’s office where he can invite his high-standing guests or in the reception-room of a luxurious hotel for selected visitors.

The marble coffee table model has been produced to be exported to France and we will offer a quantity discount to the customers who plan to order a larger quantity of the marble coffee table model.