Glass top coffee table - 2011

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A glass top coffee table suitable for living-rooms

The glass top coffee table is a product of the traditional models in the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s production catalogue. The glass top coffee table model is very simple, it has a well-known design but at the same time it is intransient and is always appreciated by our customers.

The simple design, elegant and simplified construction make this glass top coffee table model suitable for the modern interior in Scandinavian style or  in modern American style or even in the Constructivism style. The simple lines and rectangular shapes make it a clever solution suitable for every home-small flats, modern offices or lobbies.

This glass top coffee table model is unostentatious but it is a precious piece of furniture concerning the living-room interior. It is usually placed between the soft furniture and tv set and only a practical housewife realises how delicately and visually it broadens the place reflecting the light with its glass board.

The glass top coffee table model has a strong design and laconic beauty but it is so much practical as the other coffee tables for living-rooms with complex decoration and heavy elements. The construction of the glass top coffee table is very stable and strong. It is not complex to maintain this glass top coffee table and it will not change in the course of time and during this usage.

This glass top coffee table can be produced from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. You can order the table with its catalogue measures (900/450/900) or the other option is to offer the measures you prefer which will fit perfectly your place. You can also choose if it will be produced completely from solid wood or in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels.

We want to pay attention to two special moments when you order. This so modest glass top coffee table can illuminate your room with warmth and radiance if you decide to paint in light and soft colours. The opposite is true as well; despite its unostentatious design, the dark tones will provide the glass top coffee table with elegance which will turn it into heavy accent of the interior design. You can see our great variety of colours in the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site and then you will decide.

Furthermore, you can also choose the type of the glass for the glass top coffee table model-transparent or mat. The requirement for its maintenance is one and the same but the transparent glass cannot hide anything while the mat is more discreet.

We will offer an excellent discount to the customers who order a larger quantity of the glass top coffee table model.