Black coffee table - 2096

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A black coffee table model with artistic design

 The black coffee table model is an exceptionally elegant and fine model which can respond to the most demanding tastes. If you are of the type of people who appreciate highly the classical furniture as well as the artistic and untraditional solutions, the black coffee table model, that is being presented to you, is just for you.

The black coffee table model, that is produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, has a rectangular board with smooth edges as a table base where two large drawers and two short legs, which become narrower towards the floor, are arranged.

The elegant profile of the black coffee table model is obvious but the real magnificence of the product is shown in the game of the colours that have been used. If you do not have your own attitude and idea how your black coffee table model will be decorated, you can find the answer on our company site. You can understand from the menu ‘Colours’ that our production offers a great variety of colours and it depends on your taste and requirements to obtain a unique piece of furniture.

In fact the ideas and combinations are endless. You can see in the illustration how the dark colour provides the model with stateliness and aristocracy. The golden finish emphasizes the splendid lines, the classical carving of the model and the lacquer coating of the board let the natural lines of the wood material offer additional beauty to the black coffee table model.

This wonderful black coffee table will be a perfect choice for every spacious corner at your home. It will become a centre of the interior design around which you can arrange one style suites modules. The result you will have will be one unusual classical interior which will provide your home with luxury and elegance.

We would recommend that you combine this black coffee table model with living room furniture from the ‘Orchid’ series (ref.8011) but at the same time it would fit a more classical interior design. You can also combine it with a retro sofa (ref.5070) or the armchair model (ref.1096).

The black coffee table model can be produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree wood in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. We offer the customers who appreciate the perfect quality a black coffee table model completely produced from solid wood.

In all cases you will have a splendid accent for every type of interior design which enjoys great interest abroad. This black coffee table model is produced to be exported to France.

If you plan to furnish your hotel or restaurant with this black coffee table model and to offer European style and quality in your interior design, we will offer you a quantity discount if you order a larger quantity of this table model.