Wooden Dining Chair - 1020

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A wooden dining chair with a classic construction

If you want to furnish your restaurant with luxurious wooden furniture produced from natural wood, the furniture factory’ Eureka’ offers to your attention a unique wooden dining chair- a perfect choice for restaurants as well as hotels and night clubs. The people who cannot endure compromises with the quality of their lifestyle concerning also the smallest details, will not be indifferent to the simple delicacy of this wooden dining chair, which has combined in itself a classic construction , obvious strength and beauty which is most obvious in the details.

We are glad to be able to present to your attention an elegant wooden dining chair with simple design and fine decorative elements. The front legs of the models have been turned on a lathe and the backrest has an elegant decoration which softens the wooden dining chair model’s lines.

Our company’s furniture designers have staked on the stability suggestion instead of ornaments and excessive carving. The aesthetics has been achieved only via a fine decoration on the top of the backrest and shaping the legs of the wooden dining chair. The combination of simplicity of the appearance and the high-quality manufacture make it a perfect choice also for the homes with classic interior design as well as for public places which rely on artistic interiors as ‘Country’ or ‘Provence’.

You will not make a mistake if you choose this wooden dining chair model either for your home or your office. The simple beauty of this chair model, the apparent luxurious manufacture and the strength are perfect for a conference hall of every company which has a history or to meet your guests in the manager’ office. Most of our customers select this wooden dining chair model in order to furnish their hotel or restaurant as well.

This wooden dining chair model has also another advantage-it is very easy to maintain, it is wear -resistant and it can be easily repainted or upholstered in case that after some time you decide to change the interior ,to make it fresher.

The wooden dining chair model is produced with the help of the most modern technologies in the wood processing industry. In the process of manufacturing the wood dining chair model, only the highest quality natural wood has been used which will stand the test of time, the changes in the environment and the usage. The wooden dining chair model has been designed in order to be used for a long period of time and the aging process will increase its beauty and elegance and it will also emphasize the stylish way of manufacture.

The standard size of this wooden dining chair model is 920/410/450. This chair model can be produced from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree wood. The customers who choose this wooden dining chair model will get a model which has been produced to order. The colour of the wooden parts and the fabric pattern will depend completely on our customers’ personal preferences and requirements. The type can be chosen from the respective menus which can be found on our site. If you want to order a great quantity of this chair model you will get an excellent quantity discount applied on the price of the wooden dining chair number.