Wooden Chair - 1009

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A wooden chair for your new home is a nice challenge which can be made easier if you select furniture from the great variety of furniture produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. Our furniture is remarkable for beauty, elegance and exceptional practicality. We are proud of our production which has combined great experience, work with high-quality materials and modern technologies.

A special wooden chair model takes a special place in our catalogue. It is remarkable for its fine construction and artistic design. Like all our products, it can be used by its owners for a long period of time and the time will not erase its beauty but it will provide its appearance with ‘history’ and elegance.

The wooden chair model is made to order, its catalogue measures are 880/440/420. It impresses our customers with its delicacy, smooth curves and fine decoration. In the process of its manufacture, attention is paid to every detail emphasized delicately by a high-quality lacquer.

We produce this wooden chair model from high quality wood and our customers are provided with the freedom to choose wood of beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. The range of colours with which the furniture factory deals is great. You can select the colour of the wooden chair model from the specialised menu at the top on our site.

We cannot advise you to use this elegant wooden chair only in your kitchen, for example. It is a universal not only because it is very comfortable and will not need much spacious place in your flat modern building style.

Its luxurious appearance makes it a perfect choice not only for your living room and dining room at your home. A lot of our customers, hotels and restaurants owners have chosen it for their guests. The cafes in retro style and elegant interior, which sticks to Romantics, can also make use of this elegant wooden chair model. Its appearance is not only attractive but it offers a feeling of cosiness. Customers, who visit similar type of places, will feel as special guests but not consumers in a similar setting.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offer s to public places’ owners and also to all of our customers who have ordered great quantities, an excellent discount in order to be able to afford this uncompromising quality without having spend much money on the interior design of their home. It is one of the most preferred models produced by our company used at home as well as in public places.