Vintage chair - 1109

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A vintage chair produced from solid wood

 We are glad to have the opportunity to present to you an excellent sample of classic style, an elegant vintage chair with arm supports. This chair is one of the newest models produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ which popularity is growing abroad.

Its design includes the manufacture of stylized front legs with decorative elements and simple rear legs. The arm supports, the seat frame and backrest also have decorative elements.

The vintage chair model is produced completely from solid wood and the chair that is shown in the picture is with special finish. Depending on our customers’ personal preferences, this vintage chair model can be manufactured in some other colours as well-the colour you prefer can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ , we have at our disposal 18 options.

The upholstery can be also changed if our customers like, from the menu ‘Fabrics’ you can choose among more than 100 colour schemes. All of the fabrics are of high quality and have been selected after a quality control has tested their strength, tensile strength, wear resistance, pigmentation, etc.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers a great variety of fabrics but the vintage chair model is usually   perfectly combined with gay coloured fabric, that’s why we recommend that you pay attention to the following patterns: ANA Col. 4, SOFIA C1 — Col. 1, IMPERIO — Col. 4, SOFIA Col. 7, etc. The vintage chair model is also perfectly combined with leather upholstery.

We have the opportunity to offer to our customers, who have non standard way of thinking and with creative spirit, over 70 leather fabric models produced in Italy. We also have at our disposal leather with natural fur.

The vintage chair is produced with standard measures 950/550/600, it can be produced from  oak-tree, beech, or cherry-tree wood. The vintage chair model is produced mainly to be exported. We offer an excellent discount if our customers intend to order a larger quantity of the vintage chair model.

Evergreen classics

Choosing this vintage chair model, you will have not only an elegant and delicate piece of furniture but also actual furniture. The model is suitable especially for customers who prefer not to refurnish their home every 5 years because the furniture is already old fashioned. Furthermore, the vintage chair model has also another advantage- you have the freedom to modify it by repainting or upholstering it. Owing to the fact that you have a piece of furniture produced from solid wood, you will be always actual.