Upholstered Chair - 1026

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Upholstered chair with a classic design

An upholstered chair produced from high quality wood material from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree in the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is a perfect choice for people who appreciate the traditional design.

The upholstered chair model is very suitable for elegant offices-where people do not rely on lifeless plastic, glass and metal interior but they do need elegant furniture with bright colours, produced from natural materials. The modern furniture looks attractive but our upholstered chair improves the working atmosphere and offers a feeling of easy-going attitude and cosiness to the visitors and customers.

Furthermore, the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s is happy to offer to its customers beautiful classical shapes, solid construction and high-quality manufacture. The design is traditional but every experienced person can tell you that the classic furniture can never become old fashioned.

The standard measures in which the upholstered chair model is offered are the following: 870/440/450 and our customers are provided with the opportunity to choose among the great variety of fabrics and leathers for the upholstery. The pattern and the material type can be chosen from the respective menu on our company site. The same also refers to the colour of the wooden parts of the upholstered chair.

Irrespective of the combination you will choose, you will always have the result- an elegant piece of furniture which will emphasize the cosy atmosphere and will unostentatiously make our customers happy. Moreover, this upholstered chair model can also be manufactured with decorative elements depending on our customers’ personal preferences and, in this way you will have a unique piece of furniture.

The upholstered chair model (ref.1026) has so unique design that it is a perfect choice not only for conference halls but also for furnishing other public buildings. Public places owners, for example, also prefer the upholstered chair model in order to furnish their summer terrace or garden. This piece of furniture is also suitable for a waiting room in front of a doctor’s consulting room or for a waiting room in a public building. Your visitors undoubtedly will feel relaxed in a similar spontaneous interior and you can use the furniture for a very long period of time because it needs minimum efforts in order to clean or maintain it.

Referring to the same cause, you can make use of the advantages of the upholstered chair even at home and people, who do not have a working office at their home, can also use this chair model. The simple design fits every home where there is a focus on cosiness and space.

People, who have chosen to use the upholstered chair model for their bigger places or conference halls, can get an excellent discount offered by our company if they order a big quantity of the upholstered chair model.