Theater chairs - 1108

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Theatre chairs produced from solid wood

What is important in the Melpomene’s temple is not only the price but also the public comfort. The furniture company is presenting to your attention the classic theatre chair model which is a real treasure for every theatre.

The theatre chair model is a combination of solid wood and upholstered seats and backrests and arm supports as well. The theatre chair model is offered in three options: oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree wood.

The luxurious and elegant theatre chairs from solid wood are mainly produced to be exported and are exceptionally popular in Russia. With their baroque design and comfortable construction, they are highly preferred to be ordered.

The classic theatre chairs model is offered in a combination of solid wood and comfortable soft seats upholstered with luxurious fabric which is resistant to every kind of pressure. If our customers want, we can offer to them a great variety of colours and models.

This theatre chair model is produced with standard measures: height-950 mm, width-1080mm and depth-600mm for maximum comfort of the visitors. The theatre chair model is a perfect choice not only for theatres but also for opera and chamber music halls designed for classic concerts. With its refined baroque design and elegant vision, the theatre chairs model fits perfectly the atmosphere of a similar type places.

The theatre chairs model (ref.1108) is produced with elegant arm supports with upholstery as well as fine wood -carving. However, if our customers want, we can also produce another type of theatre chair model with a different design (if you need more information, write us an email).

The traditional theatre chair model is offered with lacquered wooden parts but if our customers want, the wood material can be changed with finish of different colours. You can choose the colours you prefer from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site.

You have also the freedom to change the upholstery type. You have the opportunity to select a pattern and colour from the menu ‘Fabrics’ which will fit perfectly the complete vision of the official hall. We offer over 108 types of high-quality fabrics. We offer over 70 types of leathers and also leather models with fur to the customers who prefer leather upholstery.

The theatre chair model is a perfect choice not only for theatres but also for other public places as cinemas, festival halls or operas. The theatre chair model is preferred for home theatres as well. We offer an excellent discount if our customers order larger quantities of the theatre chair model.