Study chair - 1061

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A study chair for offices and home libraries

This is perhaps the most preferred item at every book lovers’ home. A beautiful home library with high shelves and a fireplace in front of which you can relax with a book or a drink in your hand sitting on a comfortable and elegant study chair is not just a film scene but it is a necessity at every refine home. Big homes or family houses owners emphasize their home prestige as they form a similar place, a part of the interior design where a study chair is necessary.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has the opportunity to offer to customers with similar preferences an exceptional sample of quality and style. The study chair produced by our company is not just a solid piece of furniture with sizes 1050/ 520/ 600.It is ornate with upholstery and it has untraditional construction- a real masterpiece produced from beech, oak-tree or cherry tree wood.

The study chair base is solid and stable. Now we do not talk about universality but about a piece of furniture with a special application. That’s why the design of the study chair emphasizes the comfort and it presents an exceptional manufacture.

The study chair backrest is with thick almost resembling a cast shape. The front and rear legs are with different size in order to guarantee especially the comfort while you are sitting on it. Meanwhile, however, a unique aesthetic effect has been achieved. The backrest and the seat are upholstered with fabric. The colour and the type of the fabric can be selected from the specialised menus on our site. It is important to remember that the dark colours fit light places and the light colours are suitable for small studies or libraries. If you have small children, you are advised to choose leather upholstery, it is easy to be maintained and cleaned and what is more, it can be quickly changed if you get sick of it. The colour of the wooden parts can be in unison or in contrast with the upholstery.

The nuance can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ on the site.

Although that the study chair model has a special application, this chair model is a perfect choice as well for the executive director’s office or in front of a conference table. People who have a very demanding taste and who appreciate the aristocratic type of furniture choose it even for their dining-rooms. You can see the study chair in some private parlours of hotels or restaurants from the highest class. Even our Dutch customers, who are famous for their practicality, appreciate it very much.

For the people who value luxury in all aspects of their life, who want to order a great quantity of the study chair model, we can guarantee an excellent discount.