Restaurant chair UK - 1106

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A restaurant chair uk model, produced from solid wood

You have a modern and elegant bar or restaurant and you are looking for suitable furniture, so you are advised to come to the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, where we can offer to you a wide range of furniture, starting from the suitable chair model for public places and finishing with the liquor cabinets and the show cases for cakes.

We have the opportunity to present to you the restaurant chair uk model, it is especially suitable for cafes and restaurants of urbanist type. This restaurant chair uk is one of the most preferred models by our customers. If our customers want, it can be produced without arm support and in one range of colours.

The restaurant chair uk is very popular in England and a lot of restaurants and bars owners choose the model because of its elegant design and stability. The restaurant chair uk is produced with the following measures: 890/530/500 but it can be also produced in accordance with our customers’ sizes. It is produced completely from solid wood-high quality of beech, oak-tree and cherry-tree wood. Furthermore, We offer excellent discounts and some other preferences to customers who order larger quantities.

Its stable construction and comfortable seat make this restaurant chair uk model especially preferred by our customers, but our offer doesn’t include only this. We can also offer to our customers a wide variety of colours and finishes which will transform the restaurant chair model into the perfect addition to the interior of your restaurant or bar. You have the freedom to select the colour of the finish, which you like to be used for your restaurant chair uk model, from the menu ‘Colours, found on our site. The restaurant chair model can be designed in the colour you prefer ranging from wenge to gold, we have 18 options at our disposal.

In fact, the colour of the wood is not the only thing that you can change in accordance to your requirements and preferences. You can choose from the menu ‘Fabrics’ among 108 patterns. We offer luxurious and middle class fabrics as their price is defined in accordance to some basic controlling indexes: wear, strength and tensile strength, pilling, etc.

The customers, who prefer leather upholstery, taking into consideration the easier mainainnace, are free to choose over 70 leather types. We offer natural leather fabrics which are produced in Italy, with quality that has been guaranteed by the producer. Furthermore, the artificial leathers are of an excellent quality and are exceptionally strong designed in a great variety of colours. The people, who appreciate the untraditional furniture, will be pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to choose between leathers with fur as well. We can also  offer samples of them in our factory.