Restaurant Chair - 1004

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The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is proud of its great variety of furniture which responds to all quality standards and eco-compatibility. At the same time we do our best to cover our customers’ greatest requirements. It concerns the whole variety of products from our catalogue and the restaurant chair model is a part of it.

We offer to you a restaurant chair model which will return you in the French Provance and make your guests feel as if they are real stars in every restaurant. The restaurant chair model is exceptionally stylish, elegant and exquisite and it is very suitable for classical as well as modern types of restaurants.

Among the advantages of the restaurant chair models are strengths, the high-quality manufacture and the last but not least the good-looking appearance. You can find it in the most luxurious restaurants and cafes because it is preferred by our customers who have taste for the beautiful and elegant things. The restaurant chair model appeals to our customers because it has simple lines and decoration and moreover, it is produced in almost unrestricted range of colours and fabrics. You can choose your favourite colour for the wooden parts from the menu ‘Colours’ and the decoration of the fabric or leather  can be selected from the menus ’Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ on our company site.

A splendid restaurant chair with a simple decoration

The Restaurant chair model (ref.1004) are produced only from the highest-quality wood-beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. Its construction is so strong that it will stand the test of time without having ugly traces of wearing out on it.

The furniture produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is universal. That’s why the restaurant chair model is suitable for every type of interiors and place size-a classical French restaurant, a bistro near the sea and even a beer-house. It has been designed to be used not only in public places, hotels, etc. but also in dining-rooms because it is has a modern and functional shape which does not make difficult the formation of the interior design.

The product differs from the rest with originality, elegance and natural charm. In such atmosphere, your guests of your public place will enjoy not only the drinks and the food you offer to them but also the cosiness of the place. On the other site, you will be proud of the individual style and the splendid place.

The fact that this restaurant chair model is produced for the French market, which is exceptionally competitive, can prove everything that has been said so far. The specific measures of the restaurant chair model are: height (930mm), elongation of the lateral legs (460mm) and the front legs (490mm). The customers, who have a very tight budget to spend on furniture, can rely on our collaboration. Our company offers a very good discount if you decide to order a quantity of the product.