Rattan Dining Chair - 1006

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A rattan dining chair-fleetness and solidity combined with splendid lines

The rattan dining chair model, which is manufactured by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, differs with exceptional beauty, comfort and functionality. As all models from this material, it is light, flexible, but at the same time, it stands the test of time and the usage.

Before its manufacture, the wood material is subjected to various treatments. Their aim is to increase the flexibility and the strength of the wood material. Along with this, it is also subjected to harmless techniques of painting and polishing- completely covering the European standards of quality and company eco-compatibility.

The rattan dining chair that is offered by our company impresses its customers with fine lines and delicate curves. Its construction has been designed not only with aesthetic intention but it also guarantees comfort during a long period of usage. The standard measures of the rattan dining chair models are 900/ 410/ 440 mm.

This model from the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s catalogue fits perfectly every type of interior and place. Its elegance offers a complete vision not only to the dining room at your home but also to the living –room and even to the veranda. It is a perfect choice for those of you who want to transform their home into an estate in colonial style or simply provide their place with tropical atmosphere. Our customers appreciate their advantages as they furnish the refined lounges of their hotels and restaurants.

The classical vision of the rattan dining chair model fits places with traditional interior but the delicate shapes of the model fits more modern style of interior design.

This rattan dining chair model is produced from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree with a rattan seat but according to our customers’ personal taste and requirements, it can be of some other type. The colour of the wooden parts completely depends on your personal choice and requirements. You can choose the colour you prefer from the menu ‘Colours’. You can also find the perfect fabric or leather which responds to your taste for an interior in the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ’Leathers. If you want, you can preserve the natural charm of the chair, if you leave it unupholstered rattan seat. The rattan dining chair model is elegant as well as suitable for long and continuous usage because it is resistant to wear and the damages on it can be easily removed.

Those of you, who appreciate the unique design and qualities of our rattan dining chair model, and want to use it in their public places, we can offer an attractive offer to them. If you buy a quantity of the product, you will have a wonderful interior design and also an excellent discount which will decrease the budget for the interior design.