Oak chair - 1031

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An oak chair model with untraditional decoration

We are happy to have the opportunity to offer an exceptional oak chair model to you, which can be successfully combined with every type of interior. It presents a classic chair model with a high backrest and untraditional decoration. The people, who appreciate the solid wood and the luxurious furniture, like this oak chair model very much. It is produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. This chair model differs from our variety of products with untraditional decoration and traditional base.

The combination of strength, luxurious manufacture and imagination have created a unique piece of furniture suitable for places with elegant interior and owners who have provocative taste. You can use this oak chair model not only to furnish the dining-room but also for offices or even for conference halls.

Although that we generally manufacture the oak chair model from oak-tree wood, it can be also produced from cherry-tree and beech according to our customers’ preferences. In all cases we rely on modern technologies which protect the wood material and guarantee for durability of the product.

The oak chair model is made to order as its catalogue measures are the following: 1000/450/450. In order to have the opportunity to boast about your contribution and attitude to its manufacture, we have provided our customers with the opportunity to choose the colour of the upholstery and the wooden parts of the oak chair model that is being ordered. Depending on the vision and atmosphere you want to achieve, you have the freedom to choose among the wide range of  colours and fabrics-king red SOFIA C1 - Col. 7 for a classic dining-room, green - VERSALLES-C1 Col. 5- for business meetings, peach colour SOFIA C2 - Col. 6 - for a living-room. If you want a model for your office, you can use leather upholstery. The suitable colours can be chosen from the menu: ’Leathers’ on the site.

If you want to provide the place with strict elegance and class, you are advised to choose eco leather. The plush upholstery fits perfectly aristocratic interior as Baroque.

The protective lacquer coating emphasizes the natural lines of the wood material. The natural beauty of the oak chair model is emphasized by the contrast of the metal facing and the symmetric carving. The height of the oak chair model is 1000m in order to guarantee comfort. That’s why our customers choose this oak chair model not only when they plan to furnish their luxurious dining-rooms but also for refined restaurants and hotels.

In order to have luxurious furniture, very often you are supposed to pay much money. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ makes the most expensive products reasonable because we offer an excellent discount to the customers who order a big quantity of the product that is being ordered.