Modern Chair - 1066

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A modern chair with untraditional designer solution

If you dream about having untraditional piece of furniture, but you do not want to roll in steel and plastic at home, the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ will help you with a quick, easy and attractive solution – a modern chair produced from  solid wood.

Our production always offers an attractive design, quality and manufacture inspired by the latest trends in the industry. This modern chair model-ref.1066 is a sample of this in our catalogue.

It is one of the stable models in the company’s catalogue but its strength and stability are not its only advantages. The modern chair model is with modern design and construction which fits perfectly Rustic style furniture or the most actual interior style-Chalet. The brave solution for decoration of the backrest and the untraditional broadening of the legs break the generally accepted rule and offers more reliability. This is what makes it a modern chair model which, however, doesn’t engage with oddness and doesn’t make the stylists life difficult when it is combined with the rest of the interior components.

The modern chair model is the best choice for kitchens or living-rooms in homes which interior design style is Rustic or Chalet. Public places as bars (even modern pubs or hotels can offer their customers cosiness, which is always suggested by natural materials.

The modern chair sample is manufactured in the following measures: 1010/480/420, but we also work in accordance with our customers’ personal requirements. You have to be sure that during its production, the highest quality of the wood material of beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree, modern technologies and lacquer, which protects the wood material from exterior weather conditions, are used.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s customers appreciate the modern chair model because of its simple lines and playful designer solution. We cannot miss the fact that the backrest has been designed in a way that it will offer stability to the person sitting on the chair. The model is suitable for home dining-rooms as well as garden interior design in bars which have gardens. The construction fits every type of interior design, what is more, you have the freedom to choose what the colour of the wooden parts will be( you can choose it from the menu ‘Colours’)and you can also choose the upholstery  from the menus ‘Leathers’ and ‘Fabrics’.

If you intend to furnish your bars with our modern chair model, you can rely not only on high-quality manufacture but also on an excellent quantity discount.