Louis chair - 1083

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A Louis chair model produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’

The Louis chair model with arm supports is one of the most elegant models produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. The Louis chair model is inspired by Vienna chairs which used to be very popular in the aristocratic parlours in the 19 century. With delicate legs, fine design of the backrests and mainly stable construction, this Louis chair model is a real decoration at every home.

The Louis chair model is very suitable for classic dining rooms as well as living-rooms and even for garden kiosk. If you have a big home and want to situate in it a parlour for guests as well or a retro corner in the living-room, this Louis chair model is the perfect choice for you.

This Louis chair model can be harmoniously combined with the furniture in the modern homes. If you like the eclectic type of interiors, a small coffee table combined with this Louis chair model near the fireplace will fit perfectly your home interior design.

The Louis chair model is completely manufactured from solid wood and its standard measures are the following:  990/610/600 mm. If our customers want, it can be produced in accordance with our customers’ measures and preferred colours as well.

You can select the colour it appeals to you from the menu ‘Colours’. The Louis chair model is also offered with leather upholstery or fabric depending on our customers’ personal preferences.

Depending on your home interior design, you can rely on the classic combination of black colour for the wooden parts and white or light fabric for the upholstery. Those of you who want to give the Louis chair model a modern vision, can rely on leather upholstery with natural fur-3 cm.

The arm supports have been decorated with fine woodcarving but if you like, it can be used weathered or gilt finish which will make your furniture unique. But if you like untraditional elements, you can want to have your wooden parts of the Louis chair painted in two colours and to combine it with two-colour fabric in order to have a bigger contrast.

What differs your Louis chair from the rest part of the chair models?

First, we rely on the classic design, which is successfully combined with the most modern interior. Second, we rely on the quality when we manufacture the Louis chair model, the chair model is completely produced from solid wood. Third, we look after your comfort, the seat is exceptionally soft and comfortable and the backrest is so well upholstered that your back will really relax and you will feel very comfortable.