Fabric chair - 1100

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A dining chair model produced from solid wood

Choosing furniture for your dining-room can turn to be a real problem when you have a tight budget. Selecting a suitable chair model at a very reasonable price often leads to compromises with quality.

If you want to have not only a high-quality wooden chair but also a chair that you can afford it, you are advised to come to our company. Our furniture company’ Eureka’ has the ideal options for you.

The classic chair with upholstery and backrest are one of the most preferred chair models. The fabric chair model is a perfect choice for the modern small homes because it has compact measures: 900/460/490.

The simple lines and simplified design allows you to use it not only in the dining-room but also in the kitchen. The fabric chair model is produced completely from solid wood and it has one more advantage-if you do not want the fabric chair to be in its natural colour, you have the freedom to choose the colour you like according to your taste from the menu ‘Colours’.

Owing to its compact design and reasonable price, this fabric chair model is much more preferred especially by families with children. Its advantages-, it is difficult to be broken, the sharp edges are blunted and at the same time it is harmless compared to the metal chairs models. What is more, the fabric chair is far more reliable.

The seat of the fabric chair is upholstered with foam rubber and fabric. You have the opportunity to choose between high and middle class fabrics but if you do not like the combination of wood and cloth, you can select the one that appeals to you from the menu ‘Leathers’. The natural leathers samples are imported from Italy and for those of you, who stick to eco compatibility, we can offer to them natural leather models. You are the people who will estimate which upholstery is the most suitable for them. Ant if it is difficult for you to decide, our consultants are ready for you to answer all your questions.

For those of you who prefer the ready combinations, we can offer to them several options: this fabric chair model at a reasonable price will be perfect in Ivoire colour with fabric ALASKA Col. 1 for a darker dining-room or kitchen because it will be outlined against it. And the opposite-the fabric chair in Wenge colour, for example, will be perfectly combined with fabric Cesar - 1126, if you have a spacious kitchen or dining-room painted in peach, banana or yellow colour.

This fabric chair model which is offered at a decent price is produced completely from solid wood and is offered from oak-tree, beech or cherry tree. The wear resistance, decent price, comfort and practicality seem to be one its basic advantages. The fabric chair model is perfectly combined with dining-table-ref.2118.We offer excellent discounts if you order a larger quantity of the dining chair model.