Dresser chair - 1087

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A classic dresser chair produced from solid wood

When we talk about high-quality furniture, we cannot make any compromises. We are happy that we have the opportunity to present to you the dresser chair model, produced from high-quality solid wood, with a classic design. This dresser chair model is exceptionally elegant and it is suitable for dining-rooms as well as offices or libraries. The combination of simple lines and elements turned on a lathe, makes it a perfect choice for our customers.

The dresser chair model is a boutique one and is produced only from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree wood. The wood material is of high quality and is treated with the most modern technologies in a combination of manual manufacture. Since our furniture company ‘Eureka’ relies on the excellent quality, we are very proud to have the opportunity to confirm that this dresser chair model in practice will serve you forever. The strong and solid structure of natural wood in a combination of the high-quality protective lacquer make this dresser chair model highly resistant to atmospheric influences and protect it for a very long period of time.

One of the advantages of the dresser chair model is the comfort it offers. We can offer this dresser chair model in a combination of a broad seat. The chair has the following measures: 900/570/550 mm which makes it very suitable for every dining-room. The solid back from solid wood is also upholstered in order to offer maximum comfort to our customers while they are eating. What is more, the slightly curved backrest does not harm your back and at the same time it will help you to maintain a proper posture.

Choosing a fabric

Concerning the upholstery, our customers are the people who will define the upholstery type. You have the freedom to choose among middle-class fabrics or luxurious fabrics suitable for official dining-rooms. Both types are of a perfect quality and are not easily worn out.

The arm supports have a front part that has been turned on a lathe and curved elbow rests and are completely produced from wood. If our customers want, we can upholster them.

Apart from fabrics, in the menu ‘Leathers’ you can find a great variety of leather upholstery which will satisfy every taste. We produce natural and artificial leather in different colours which can be selected from you.


Beauty is in the great variety. That’s why apart from wide range of leathers and fabrics, you are provided with the opportunity to choose the colour of the wooden parts of the dresser chair model. The chair model can be produced in a natural colour and covered only with lacquer or it can be also painted in a colour that you prefer. You can see the offers from the menu ‘Colours’ found on our site.