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A dining room chair with arm support - a fine and elegant designer solution

We have the pleasure to present to your attention a dining room chair with arm support, inspired by the interior of the old aristocratic homes. If you feel nostalgia for the lost brilliance of the retro style, this means that the dining room chair model is the furniture for you. What is more, the dining room chair guarantees for the comfort and elegance in the interior design. The furniture factory’ Eureka’ can easily satisfy this requirement. Together with this, however, an additional bonus in the shape of luxurious and unique design is offered.

The dining room chair model that we are offering to you is produced in the following measures: 900/620/550. In order to manufacture this dining room chair, we rely on traditional natural materials and wood material that depends on your personal requirements-beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. The dining room chair responds to all requirements for quality and eco compatibility, which compete with the European furniture shops’ ones. The dining room chair model is produced via modern technologies and from materials that protect the wood material.

The colour of the wooden parts can and should be compatible with the planned vision of the entire interior design, which will include the dining room chair model we are speaking about. You can choose the colour from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site and at the same time you have to choose what kind of fabric for the seat and backrest you will need. You can choose a nice fabric or leather from the menu on our site. If you prefer the retro style, you are recommended to choose a dining room chair model with beige fabric or fabric with classic shapes in red, yellow or green. For those of you who want to provide the dining room chair model with modern style-you are advised to rely on leather upholstery.

The final result will be a comfortable piece of furniture completed with soft lines and artistic curves. For those customers who will prefer this dining room chair but without arm supports, can also order this option. In order to get a visual idea, you can look at the chair model (1074).

The two options are also suitable for dining –rooms for homes but also for hotels, restaurants and other public places. The dining-room chair model with arm supports offers additional visual authority and style. It is famous for strength, fleetness and functionality. Its standard construction and high backrest in a combination of lacquer coating, which focuses on the details, provoke a feeling of natural smartness and comfort.

Our customers, who plan to furnish their restaurants or hotels visited by a lot of guests, can rely on our company’s generosity. We offer luxurious manufacture at a decent price. Moreover, we are ready to offer an excellent discount to our customers if they order a quantity of the dining –room chair model.