Dining chair with arms - 1086

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A retro dining chair with arm supports

If you highly appreciate the Empire style, it is sure that you will fall in love with this dining chair with arms model. We have the opportunity to present to you a unique dining chair with arms which has been produced in one of the most elegant interior styles.

The combination of slightly curved legs, arm supports for the arms and fanshaped backrest with a classic design make this dining chair with arms a perfect chair for every dining-room, restaurant or even an elite cafe. The dining chair with arms model is simple without any superfluous decorations and wood-carving, but at the same time this chair model is very exquisite which make it a perfect choice for every type of interior design.

If you want to have the Empire style at your home, you can combine the dining chair with arms with a round extending dining table of the ‘Orchid’ set (ref.2022).Combined with a suitable colour of the wood and upholstery, they will provide your home with the feeling of a class which is only created by the Empire style.

You can select the most suitable pattern according to your preferences from the menu ‘Fabrics’. The most suitable ones are: SOFIA C2 - Col. 1, IMPERIO - Col. 9 или VERSALLES Col. 4. All of the models are luxurious fabrics and are of the highest quality. You have the freedom to choose the colour of the wood from the menu ‘Colours’-mahogany, black or  bleached oak-tree with golden patina are just the perfect choice to get the ideal vision you want.

This dining chair with arms is an exceptionally comfortable chair model with height of 900 mm and distance between the legs 550mm between the front and rear legs and 570 mm between the front legs is a guarantee for stability and comfort. At the same time, you can be sure that this dining chair with arms model cannot be invisible in your dining-room especially if you want to use it as an accentual piece of furniture at your home.

For those of you who prefer the modern interior design, the dining chair with arms is offered in a combination of different types of leather upholstery. You have the opportunity to choose the model that you prefer from the menu ‘Leathers’.

All the models that have been offered are of a high quality and wear resistant. There is one more advantage of the furniture produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, the company manufactures the products in a way that in practice it is eternal.

Another advantage of this dining chair with arms model is the comfort it offers to its users. What is more, it is a perfect choice for every interior design-home, restaurant or hotel. We offer a preferential price and of course excellent discount to those customers, who intend to order larger quantities of this dining chair with arms model.