Desk chair - 1092

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Because of our busy daily life we spend most of our time behind the desk. No matter if you are a student or a pupil, choosing a desk chair is of great importance.

Especially for children

We are happy that we have the opportunity to offer to you a desk chair model which is especially suitable for children. The desk chair is with a high and solid backrest which guarantees comfort while you are sitting behind the desk. The upholstered backrest protects the back and maintains the posture upright. The desk chair model has the following measures: 830/440/460 which makes it a perfect choice for students from 1 st to 12 th grade.

Why choosing a desk chair instead of a comfortable armchair?

The advantages of the desk chair model produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ are that it is solid (it has four legs instead of one), the chair model is with a stable and well upholstered seat (your child will not feel any discomfort while it is sitting on it) and what is more, the desk chair model has a backrest that maintains your child’s upright posture. On the other hand, most of the armchairs are either too high or they have not so comfortable backrest which make the chairs uncomfortable for students.

The desk chair model is also produced with cloth upholstery which can be selected, depending on your personal preferences, from the menu ‘Fabrics’.

We have at our disposal high-quality and luxurious designs as well as model which are lower class and are very suitable for every day usage. In case that the cloths do not appeal to your taste, you have the freedom to choose from the menu  ‘Leathers’ if you prefer upholstery from natural leather  imported from Italy or artificial leather. We also offer a great variety of colours which seem to be one more advantage and what is more, if it is necessary, we can reupholster your desk chair.

This desk chair model is produced mainly for Western Europe where it is preferred. You can order it to be produced from beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree wood and in case that the natural colour doesn’t appeal to you, we offer different colours where you can select from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site.

Owing to its simple vision and design, this desk chair model is very suitable for every type of interior-modern or classic. Apart from that, the product can be also produced as a dining or bar chair in accordance with our customers’ personal preferences and requirements. For those of you who intend to order bigger quantities of the desk chair, we are ready to offer a special discount to them.