Designer chair - 1049

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Untypical designer chair designed to be used by people who have typically artistic preferences

The designer chair model, in the various catalogue with samples which are produced by the furniture company ‘Eureka’ impresses its customers. It bears all typical characteristics of a chair model from a typical town home from the end of 19 century, but at the same time it looks modern and actual nowadays as well, owing to its modernized design and shape.

If you feel nostalgia for the retro or you want to inspire a light accent of nostalgia at home, you can make it using the designer chair model.

The beauty of this designer chair model is in the artistic design. The brave lines of the backrest suggest untraditional elegance although that they are based on classic base. The original vision of the designer chair model is appreciated especially by people who prefer the unconventional furniture, although that they try to order furniture produced from natural materials.

The model is produced from beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree. It can be also produced depending on our customers’ preferences. The catalogue sizes of the designer chair model are 930/ 480/ 530 but it can be produced in accordance with our customers personal measures as the customers have the freedom to choose the colour of the wooden parts and the upholstery from the menus on the top on our site.

The selection of the fabric and nuance are generally connected with the complete interior design of the place where the designer chair will be placed. Although that this chair model has simple lines which do not have unnecessary decoration, they become a real centre around which the complete composition of the room will be arranged.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s sign seems to be originality. This designer chair model is functional too as the other chairs. You can combine the kitchen, dining-room, drawing-room interior with this chair model but also public places.

A lot of company’s customers have chosen this designer chair model in order to be used in their homey bistros and bars near the sea shore. This chair model is also a perfect choice for terraces and verandas and our braver customers will provide their office reception-room or conference room with individual charm.

No matter where you are going to situate the designer chair and irrespective of the wood material type which will be used to produce the model, we guarantee for fleetness and long period of usage. The simple solution of the chair model will never become old-fashioned. The period of time in which you are using this designer chair will add patina to it.

The customers, who have decided to furnish their restaurants or hotels with the designer chair model, will receive a special bonus by our company, an excellent discount if they order a quantity of the designer chair model.