Classic Chair - 1007

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A classical chair with fresh upholstery and delicate carving

If you are of the people who pay attention to the smallest details and appreciate the luxury in every aspect, the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is presenting to your attention the classic chair model. It seems to be an effective accent in every refined place but at the same time, it is very comfortable to be used.

This classic chair model guarantees for comfort and you can use it for a long period of time without having any problems with its maintenance. The classical chair model is a perfect choice for every type of place which has classical interior design. In general this classic chair model is a universal one. It will provide every place with cosiness and class never mind if it refers to a private home or hotel or restaurant. Its elegant vision is owing to its traditional construction which is enriched with a delicate carving and arm supports decorated with a fabric.

Our furniture designers have produced this sample with stylish shapes and they have planned it to be produced from the highest quality wood material-beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree, which is protected from the harmful influences by a strong lacquer coating. The seat upholstery can be from eco leather, natural leather or textile. It can be chosen from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’. Again from our company site you will have the freedom and the opportunity to choose the colour of the wooden parts which will respond to the complete idea about the interior design of the place they have been designed for.

The classic chair model is made to order with classic measures: 900/550 /450. The model arm supports offer an aristocratic feeling and provide the place with authority. In a similar kind of atmosphere, your place customers or the guests at your home will feel that they are special guests.

If you prefer this classic chair model without arm supports, you will not lose anything from the efficient vision of the model or its quality. You have the opportunity to see how a classic chair model looks in this option and you will decide if it fits more your home interior design (ref.1029).

The classic chair model is offered in different types of fabrics. We would recommend that you use fabric  ANA Col. 2, SOFIA C1 - Col. 5 or ANA C1 - Col. 4 for classical interior. A retro design would be perfectly combined with a fabric IMPERIO C2 - Col. 7, ALASKA Col. 4 или ANA C2 - Col. 3. For a more modern or minimalist interior design, you are advised to select the classic chair model without arm supports and one colour fabric as Cesare 1124 or ALASKA-C1 Col. 6.

Since most of our customers choose this classic chair model in order to furnish their restaurants or cafes, we have planned a serious discount if you order great quantities of the product.

The classic chair model responds to all requirements for quality, because it has been produced with techniques that do not damage the wood material and the materials that have been used for its manufacture are environment friendly and have the best quality.