Childs chair - 1042

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A child chair of the highest quality

The social life is not only the adults’ privilege. Meeting the little friends and the modern needs in children’s public places-kindergartens, nurseries require that you have at your disposal a child chair.

The good breeding and feeling of quality start from the earliest age. Every parent would prefer his/ her child to grow up in a healthy environment, in a nice and safe environment. That’s why our team from the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has paid special attention to children and have designed a nice and modern child chair which is very suitable for children. This child chair model will be very comfortable for them and at the same time they will be sitting in the proper way because the good posture is very important for children.

This is one of the most preferred furniture produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. We produce it from high quality wood as beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. During the process of its manufacture, we rely on environmentally friendly and safe techniques for its treatment. In this way we can guarantee the children’s health not only with strong construction and oval shapes but also with a high-quality design.

The size of the child chair is in accordance with the child who is going to sit on it. We produce the child chair in the following sizes: 580/330/310; 670/370/350; 750/440/410. In this way we guarantee their comfort starting from the age of a nursery up to the age of the first years at school.

In order to fit the home interior or to differ from their mates in the kindergarten, you can choose a random colour from the wide range of colours that we offer. If our customers want, the child chair can be upholstered with a soft seat and a backrest for a greater comfort .From the menu’ Colours’ on our company site you have the opportunity to choose the most attractive colour and at the same time you can decide if you prefer a fabric or leather upholstery. For greater comfort you can choose a special finish as well which will protect the product when it is used out of your home or it can also make it unique.

The child chair model is not only suitable to use it at home; it can be also used in children centres as well. You can use it with upholstery in every child’s centre, kindergarten, party centre for children, and children’s entertainment corner in malls or etc.

This child’s chair enjoys long years of cordial welcome abroad. Our Swiss customers, for example, like it, they are impressed by its strength and comfort.

Our customers who plan to furnish places as children’s party centres or private kindergartens can rely on our company because we are ready to offer to them an excellent discount if they order a great quantity of the product.