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A chair design model produced from solid wood

We have the opportunity to present to the people, who appreciate the history and authentic design, the chair design model which seems to be a real hit in the furniture market and also among the cruise ships tourists. The chair design is a very popular model in one of the biggest companies for worldwide cruises which owns an impressive fleet of ships for holiday trips. The chair design model is produced only from beech and is with special elements on it.

The chair design model that has been presented by our furniture company ‘Eureka’ is inspired by the classic gothic style which used to be popular in the past in Spain and Italy. It is preferred especially in the Italian market because of its unique design and high-quality manufacture. The chair design model is chosen mainly for its attractive vision and the fact that it can be easily combined with different interior styles.

The classic chair design model is made only to order and only from the wood of beech. This chair design model is produced with the following measures: 950/490/500. The chair model is manufactured completely from solid wood as apart from stable backrest, the chair design also has a solid seat with soft upholstery. The legs are solid with special elements on them.

As it is the case with the rest of the solid wood chairs, you can order the chair design model in some other colours. You can choose the colour you prefer from the menu ‘Colours’ and from the sections ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Leathers’ you have the freedom to choose the upholstery that responds to your personal preferences, you can select among 200 types. In case that you want to preserve the natural colour of the wood, a special lacquer coating will protect it from the harmful atmospheric influences as well as casual damages. It is very easy to maintain this chair design model and depending on whether you have chosen fabric or leather for the seat, the way how to preserve the material for a long period of time should be settled.

Because of the chair design specifics, this chair design is also preferred by the people who appreciate the gothic style and also customers who have eclectic style. The untraditional chair model can be also perfectly combined with Tuscan or Rustic style furniture. The chair design model can be also combined with furniture imported from the East designed in Moroccan or Indian style.

This design model is produced using the most modern technology and from high quality solid wood. A special lacquer coating guarantees durability of the chair design and excellent wear resistance.