Carver chair - 1050

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A beautiful carver chair model suitable for classic interior design

This carver chair is an exceptional model that is offered at a decent price affordable for every artistic design lover. Combining classic Spanish design and a modern technology, the carver chair model is a suitable option for classic interior design homes as well as public buildings like restaurants, cafes or luxurious bars designed in retro style.

People, who stick to the luxurious manufacture, aristocratic feeling and quality, cannot be indifferent to the advantages of this carver chair model. Having this carver chair model at your home, your home will be provided with authority and style and what is more, you will be proud of elegant interior design at a decent price.

What are the advantages of the carver chair model (ref.1050)?

This carver chair model is offered at a decent price and it has an elegant design as well. If you combine it with an appropriate fabric, you can transform your dining-room into a part of a provincial estate, modern flat or an aristocratic house in the centre of the town. Irrespective of its classic model, if the colour of the wooden parts and the upholstery are properly combined, you will have a perfect modern piece of furniture.

The carver chair model is characterised with symmetric straight lines, a very fine carving along the legs and beautiful details on the high backrest. This carver chair model impresses the customers with elegance and beauty, but at the same time it is unostentatious piece of furniture and it would be a nice element of classic style interior design.

What we do not have to miss to say is that the carver chair model has been designed in a way that the Old Bulgarian furniture manufacturers used to produce it but now it is produced with the means of modern techniques and high quality materials. Another advantage of the carver chair model is that it is very safe. Compared to the chipboard and MDF models for which lacquers and paints with dubious quality are used, all materials that have been used here are environmentally friendly and they also protect the wood material and the environment.

The carver chair model in our catalogue is offered in the following measures: 1000/ 480/ 500.Its construction has been designed and produced in a way that it suggests safety and comfort. It is produced from the highest quality of wood material-beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree. The material guarantees for a long years’ usage and needs a very little maintenance and it will get old and beautiful at the same time. The colour of the fabric and the wooden parts of the carver chair depend completely on your choice. You can select from the great variety, which you can find in the specialised sections on our site.