Beech Dining Chair - 1008

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If you intend to order attractive furniture for your home, which will emphasize your individuality and taste for the nice furniture, the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s rich catalogue will offer to you very nice furniture samples. The so called ‘boutique chair’ or the treasure, have a special place among them. It is often chosen by people who appreciate the luxury in their office or at home, but also people who admire the uniqueness of the interior design.

The model is a perfect choice for interior in ‘Rustic, Colonial and even Scandinavian style. It will provide your home with authority and solidity, especially if you want to suggest to your guests a feeling of traditional character and stability.

The boutique chairs produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ satisfy the most demanding taste. It is produced in accordance with a modern technology of the best quality furniture manufacture. The luxurious beech dining chair model differs with harmonic straight lines, delicate carving along the legs which serves as a decoration, and beautiful ornaments on the backrest. The people, who have a taste for the beautiful, know that the style should not be obtrusive but it should be suggested. Our boutique chair is just the same, it impresses its customers with beauty and at the same time it is not obtrusive.

A comfortable boutique beech dining chair

This sample from our catalogue is produced to order in standard sizes 950/480/440. Its construction has been designed in a way that it will guarantee for great comfort and calmness. The material that is used for its production is beech, but according to your preferences and requirements, you can choose between oak-tree and cherry-tree. In all cases, we can guarantee that our customers will use it for a very long period of time, easy mainainnace and beautiful way of ageing.

The people who have furnished their home with the boutique beech dining chair model, appreciate its delicate and elegant shape, which unostentatiously suggest a feeling of high-class. It emphasizes the idea of aristocracy in every big dining-room, that’s why it is also a perfect choice for restaurants and hotels.

According to the total conception of your home interior design, you are free to select the colour or the fabric of the boutique beech dining chair. You can do this in the specialised menus on our company site where the great variety of interesting offers will make your final choice very easy.

If you see your restaurant, hotel or conference room furnished with this boutique beech dining chair model, we have foreseen a special discount for our customers. Those of you who have intend to order a definite quantity of the product, they will receive not only unique furniture but also an excellent quantity discount.