Beech chair - 1029

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A beech chair with unostentatious decoration and guarantee for comfort

This beech chair model is a perfect choice for every dining-room. The people, who appreciate the precious details and the luxurious manufacture, who do not want to bring forward their high standard of living, can find in our company the perfect furniture to furnish their home. We are happy to offer to you a complete set of furniture suitable for designing your dreams interior. If you want to redecorate only one part of your home, you can start with a dining-room and the beech chair model produced by the furniture company ‘Eureka’.

Our company is proud of production which combines comfort, elegance and a guarantee for quality. The beech chair model is one of the most popular models produced from high-quality wood material, having elegant design, which make it a perfect choice for every home. The functionality of the beech chair model is obvious, that’s why it is often chosen to be used in a lot of private homes, restaurants and hotels that are owned by our customers.

The main reasons why this beech chair model is preferred among the great variety of furniture offered in the market is its strong construction, classic vision and carving type which is a sign of the traditional furniture manufacture.

The beech chair model is produced only from the highest quality beech wood material but it can be also produced from cherry-tree or oak-tree depending on our customers’ personal preferences. The construction surface is protected by a reliable lacquer coating which emphasizes the curves and the shapes of the beech chair.

In order to have furniture that is different from the standard one, you have the freedom to choose different fabric for the seat. It can be manufactured from eco leather, natural leather or textile. The fabric and the colour can be chosen from ‘Fabrics’ or ’Leathers’. The colour of the wooden parts is in unison with the complete idea of the interior design. It is also chosen from our specialised menu on the site. Depending on the place interior, you can choose a king blue fabric-ANA C2 - Col. 2 model or more modern and neo classic design, choosing dark natural leather-Soft Col. 250 TESTA DI MORO.

The beech chair model is produced according to standard measures 900/450 /450. If you want to offer some authority in your home interior design, you can order this beech chair model with arm supports (ref.1007).Your home (hotel or restaurant) visitors will be impressed by the elegant atmosphere in which they will feel special guests. For those customers who want to order a quantity of the beech chair model, we can offer an excellent discount to them.