Armless chair - 1088

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A classic chair produced from solid wood

Reminding of the Vienna parlours and retro design of the classic furniture from 19 century, we are happy to present to you the armless chair model at a very decent price. The model is a combination of solid wood with a broad upholstered seat and broad fanshaped backrest with oval shape. The armless chair model is suitable for dining-rooms as well as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The armless chair model is produced from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree and the wood material is completely solid wood following the example of the rest of the furniture produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. In contrast to the most of the Western Europe models, this armless chair model is offered at a decent price which is in the means of the ordinary customers.

In general in Western Europe, this armless chair model is usually ordered by more well-to-do customers, because of the high price of the natural wood as well as the classic design. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’, however, offers to its customers the armless chair model at a very decent price.

Depending on our customers’ personal preferences, the armless chair can be produced in different colours. If you have chosen oak-tree wood material but you want a darker colour, you can choose between mahogany, light walnut, wenge, cerise or even black from the menu ‘Colours’. The people, who appreciate the vintage interior, will have the opportunity to boast to their friends about the unique chairs with weathered finish or patina. There is a great variety of samples, that’s why we will list only some of the colours, bleached oak-tree with golden patina, white oak-tree with white patina, Ivoire, etc.

Concerning the upholstery, you have the freedom to choose from the great variety. If you want something retro, the luxurious fabrics as SOFIA Col. 1, ANA Col. 3, VERSALLES Col. 1 are the perfect choice for this.

Those of you, who prefer more simple design, can look at the middle-class fabrics-Cesar-1124, ALASKA-C1 Co, l. 8, ALASKA Col. 6, Cesar-1121, etc. They are also of an excellent quality and are resistant to wear, but if you have small children at home, they can be easily cleaned or changed if it is necessary.

With the following measures 490/900/550 mm, this armless chair model is suitable for dining-rooms. It is sold at a reasonable price which is in the means of every customer who has decided to include this armless chair model in the interior design of his/her modern dining-room or restaurant. For the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s customers, who have decided to order a quantity of the armless chair model, our company will offer them a quantity discount.