Аntique chair - 1047

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An antique chair with aristocratic vision

Inspired by the Spanish colonial style, we have the opportunity to offer to you one classic chair model for a dining-room which will make happy the people who appreciate the classic design. The antique chair model (ref.1047) with upholstered backrest and seat will undoubtedly satisfy our most demanding customers’ requirements. The people who appreciate the aristocratic furniture and the past epochs will be fascinated by our solid antique chair model. The antique chair model combines beautiful manufacture, solid construction and retro design which make it a perfect choice for a dining-room in colonial style as well as for rustic interior or for a home which is in Mediterranean style. The people who appreciate luxurious furniture define this antique chair model, produced by the furniture factory’ Eureka’, as perfect.

The antique chair model that is being offered is a unique model produced from solid wood-beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree in ’light walnut’ colour. The antique chair model has a classic form but is remarkable for its stylish decoration, delicate unostentatious carving skilfully combined with artistic solution for the legs.

The antique chair model that is being ordered is with following measures: 980/490/550, but the colour of the construction as well as the upholstery are produced completely in accordance with your personal preferences. The antique chair model will perfectly fit the whole design of the interior design, and you can choose the most suitable design from the menu on our site.

It is important to be known that the suggestion for refinement and authority of the model will be perfectly emphasized with plush fabric. This antique chair model fits perfectly interiors in magnificent Baroque style. Use your freedom to choose in order to emphasize the effect. In this way you will create the base of exceptionally elegant furniture, which will speak itself about the housewife’s excellent taste and her personal preferences and requirements.

Never mind if this antique chair model is designed to be used in a dining-room or in your living-room, it will provide your home with exceptional solemnity. The time and the modern trends will not stop you loving the antique chair model. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s furniture is wear out resistant and at the same time it adds retro effect to the chair.

The product maintenance requires an elementary effort, that’s why it is suitable not only for homes but also for public places from social type. A lot of elegant hotels’ owners have preferred just this antique chair model in order to offer atmosphere to their guests in a Spanish parlour from the beginning of the last century. If you also plan such a general project, we will offer an excellent discount to you if you order a big quantity of the antique chair model.