Wooden chest of drawers - 3046

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A small wooden chest of drawers produced from solid wood

The small wooden chest of drawers with the following measures: 480/820/350, which can be found in the catalogue of the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ impresses the people who appreciate highly luxury and the flawless quality with some provocations in the design. This wonderful piece of furniture will undoubtedly provoke your imagination. There are so many things you can do with this splendid wooden chest of drawers as well as using it where you can think of, for example it can be used for a stand for vases and souvenirs in the corridor and it is also suitable for a comfortable addition to the furniture in the bathroom or bedroom.

This wooden chest of drawers has a standard construction at first view- a stylised octagon, a mono base where the cabinets are situated, four legs, the front of which are becoming thinner towards the floor. A thin carving along the contour of the front part and board as well as the unostentatious facing serve as a decoration. The little cunning of the design is what impresses the customers. You can see in the picture a small wooden chest of drawers which in fact has two doors but they imitate the upper two drawers and the lower three as well. Our customers, who seem to be more conservative, can buy this nice wooden chest of drawers, of course with five separate drawers.

It can be produced from oak, cherry beech or lime-tree, in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels or another option is to have this chest of drawers produced completely from solid wood. All in all, you will have a high quality piece of furniture which beauty will stand the course of time and will be easily maintained.

We want to recommend that you pay attention to the colour which you want this chest of drawers to be in. First, you have to take into account the complete conception of your interior design. Then you have to know that the darker the nuance of the paint is, the more authority this wooden chest of drawers will be provided with. The bright, warm colours provide the furniture with brilliance; they make the place seem visually more spacious. You can see from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site that you are provided with a great variety of colours when you are ordering this small chest of drawers.

 When you receive it, you can appreciate its efficient design and its wide application. It is a wonderful complementary piece of furniture in a narrow corridor where it can be placed near the portmanteau as a cabinet for the telephone. It can be also put in the living-room or in the bedroom where it will not disturb anybody but you can put too many small things in its drawers which it is unnecessary to put in the large wardrobes or book shelves.