Vintage display cabinet - 3009

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The Vintage display cabinet model produced from solid wood

The Vintage display cabinet model may be a standard piece of furniture in the classical interiors but it is not when it is produced by the furniture factory’ Eureka’. This pearl will provide your home with unique charm. Furthermore, this Vintage display model is a perfect choice not only for the classical interior design of houses but also of luxurious flats and even boutique restaurant in retro style.

As every item from our company catalogue, this display cabinet model presents an exceptionally luxurious solution which can be made to order. It is produced with the following measures 980/2080/590 from the highest quality of beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree wood.

The Vintage display cabinet model attracts our customers with its traditional design –sheer straight lines, rounded edges, stable base, proportional to the ceiling of the cabinet. It is divided into two parts by a wide drawer. The top of the cabinet contains the display and the lower part contains a stylised cabinet. The separate elements are hatched by a very fine carving and the fine facing emphasizes the style of this elegant vintage display cabinet model.

The Vintage display cabinet model is a perfect sample of a basic part of classical interior design. Every lady, who wants to focus on her taste, will enjoy its presence in her living-room. This cabinet model will not only improve your home interior design but it will be also a very useful piece of furniture. It will be combined perfectly with the furniture in a spacious dining-room, a restaurant visited only by selected customers or a shop selling luxurious products used every day or jewels.

In order to focus on the charm of this vintage display cabinet model, you can make use of the possible colour options found in the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site. It can be seen how the traditional colours emphasize the classic lines and they will undoubtedly suggest for cosiness and warmth in every place. However, the combination of colours emphasizes every definite element of the Vintage display cabinet model and transforms it into a special accent of the interior design.

There are two options for producing this Vintage display cabinet model- in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels or completely from solid wood.

The price of the model put it on the same footing as its aesthetics and reliability show why this item is one of the most preferred pieces of furniture in our company catalogue. But apart from this display cabinet model, you will have the opportunity to see more functional and massive models as well. We can offer the antique display cabinet model to the people who highly appreciate the classics and retro nuances (ref.3022).