TV cabinet - 3008

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A classical TV cabinet model

The furniture factory’ Eureka’ has the opportunity to offer to its customers the exceptionally efficient TV cabinet model, a perfect sample among over ten models with the same function in our catalogue.

We produce this TV cabinet model to order with the following measures: 1320/640/530, but it is not its size that attracts our customers’ attention. It has a smooth rectangular board, enough not only for the modern plasma equipment. Its massive body is divided into two large sections separated by three drawers. The narrowest one is situated over the others-obviously with special application. The strong construction is based on four thin legs; the front ones are designed in retro style.

You can use this practical TV cabinet not only to put your television but you can also arrange in it all important things referring to the television set.

The Tv cabinet model is so impressive that it will become a centre of your interior design even if it has not been planned to be. That’s why it is one of the best selling furniture models from our company catalogue. Its classic vision, its reliable construction and its practicality make it a suitable piece of furniture not only for home interiors.

Every hotel owner would turn it into a basic element of the interior design of the flat designed to be used by special guests. Its design is classic and it s a serious proof that it will never be old fashioned. It is easily maintained and you can be undoubtedly sure that its appearance will not be changed in the course of time.

This wonderful TV cabinet can be produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. The people who appreciate the best quality can order this Tv cabinet to be produced completely from solid wood. What is more, it is offered not only in natural colours with lacquer coating but in nuances preferred by our customers.

In order to fit the complete interior design of your place, you can choose the colour you prefer on your own from the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site. The rule is the darker colour we choose; the more we emphasize the furniture authority.

An additional advantage is that it is perfectly combined with the larger part of the furniture in our catalogue. Choosing this TV cabinet model, you will not have to look for a suitable table of living-room suite to be combined with. You will have the opportunity to find unique furniture samples in our company catalogue which will form a perfect combination with this nice TV cabinet model.