Tall TV cabinet - 3035

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A classic tall TV cabinet model

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has the pleasure to present to its customers the tall tv cabinet model, which enjoys great success all over the world. A thousand of this tall tv cabinet model pieces have been sold in France, where our customers were impressed by the perfect combination of luxury, high quality at a very decent price.

The tall tv cabinet model is made to order and has the following measures: 970/920/400. It is produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree. It impresses our customers by its design simplicity- a rectangular board with smooth edges, a strict and stable base, two drawers at the top and two wings under them. This tall tv cabinet model has a little decoration-fine carving follows the line of the construction towards the floor, but this decoration is completely enough to emphasize the simple elegance of the tall tv cabinet model.

In order to be emphasized and used the natural pattern of the wood material, you have the opportunity to order the cabinet model in a light colour. This will be a perfect option for you if you appreciate the Provence style, which is very popular not only with the houses situated out of the town.

Those of you, who would like to emphasize the feeling of cosiness, can choose the richness of golden brown nuances. The darkest colours will appeal to the people who like the solid wood furniture. You will have the freedom to choose the colour you prefer. You can do it from our specialised menu found on the site.

The product that is being offered is called tall tv cabinet and you may suppose that it will fit perfectly your living- room. Yes, it is true but you should not deprive yourself of the good films before going to sleep in the bedroom or the breaking news in the dining –room or even in the office. The tall tv cabinet model is also solid and functional so that even if you decide not to use it according to its purpose, it can find its place at your home or office because it has too many functions. Apart from enjoying the news you can even use it in your dining-room as a cabinet where you can store your sets which you always wonder where to put them.

The beauty of this tall tv cabinet model and at the same time its unostentatiousness make it so functional ,it fits the interior design of places as hotels, for example, guests houses and even restaurants.

The tall tv cabinet model is produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. Those of you who look for the best piece of furniture, can have it produced completely from solid wood.