Tall display cabinet - 3063

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A luxurious tall display cabinet model

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is proud of the production of luxurious furniture for furnishing every room at home. The people who highly appreciate the high quality and style have approved the products from our catalogue where the tall display cabinet model is worthy of notice, it is one of the most preferred model produced by our furniture company.

The tall display cabinet model has the following measures: 800/2180/505 and is produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree. The tall display cabinet model is formally divided into two parts. The upper part, which is the bigger one, has mirror walls and a door. The top of the cabinet presents a stylised octangle and carving with a fine carving. The lower part has a cabinet with a thick door and the space between the two is taken by a comfortable drawer. The stylish facing enriches the beauty of the cabinet model and the suggestion for retro style.

Every housewife would like to have a similar tall display cabinet model in the dining-room at her home because it doesn’t take the place of the common short cabinets and this tall display cabinet model is a very comfortable piece of furniture and you can arrange the whole assortment of plates, sets and utensils in it. This wonderful tall display cabinet model is a perfect choice for dining-rooms in Art Nouveau, Victorian, Art Deco and Renaissance styles. The cabinet model is also an excellent solution for the classic French Provencal Chic. It is hardly a coincidence that this tall display cabinet model is one of the most preferred models that are exported to France.

The luxurious tall display cabinet model is so elegant that it can be put in every living-room with classic interior design. This tall display cabinet model is a part of a set with a display cabinet which has bigger sizes-ref.3062, small sideboard-ref.3060, a table, chairs, etc. This facilitates the task for the whole interior design of the home and it definitely guarantees for a stylish harmony of the furniture in the dining-room, which is very important not only for the style but also for the fact that this is the place where you eat and rest.

The tall display cabinet model is produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels but our furniture factory ‘Eureka’ can offer its customers, who highly appreciate the flawless quality, to produce the model completely from solid wood. You are provided with the opportunity to choose also the colour in which this cabinet model will be produced. The traditional brown nuances are preferred if you want to suggest warmth and home cosiness. The more artistic and even romantic types of customers would choose lighter nuances and even white. This is untraditional but at the same time it is a practical solution. The tall display cabinet model that is being offered by our furniture company is easily maintained and will never seem to be old fashioned.