Large display cabinet - 3064

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A luxurious large display cabinet

Everybody, who highly appreciates the luxurious production not only Eureka’s, but the high quality in every aspect of his / her daily life, has at home a combination of a lot of beauty, style and interesting furniture.

A similar type of people knows how to suggest style and high class in everything even in the way they prepare to meet some guests. Our customers who have higher financial capabilities, who are devoted to their home, will meet you not only with a stunning presentation of their gourmet cuisine but also with selected drinks which are perfectly arranged in this luxurious large display cabinet model. This unique piece of furniture, which is produced by our furniture company ‘Eureka’, has the following measures: 1500/1800/445. Its sizes in a combination of precise lines, fine relief decoration and the mirrors suggest harmony. which impresses even the most demanding customers.

The people who are lucky to have a splendid house outside the town will not miss to furnish their house with a large display cabinet but this also refers to restaurants and hotels with selected visitors and highly qualified staff. This nice large display cabinet model is also very practical and it is very easy to be used especially in the specialized enoteche where it is a question of prestige to have at disposal this large display cabinet model which will refresh the place.

As an addition to this wonderful large display cabinet model we can also offer an opportunity for those who are responsible for furnishing their place. This large display cabinet model also includes a sideboard cabinet-ref. 3065 which is not only similar in style but it is also such a practical and elegant piece of furniture. If you have a large dining-room at your disposal and want to provide it with completeness, you can also use the corner display cabinet model in order to complete the place interior design. You can also add a dining-room set –ref.8018 and you will get the perfect aristocratic dining-room where you can meet your guests.

We produce this large display cabinet model from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree. Depending on the conception of your interior design, you can be provided with the opportunity to choose a colour for this large display cabinet model from the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site. Follow the rule that every dark nuance emphasizes the authoritative figure and offers aristocratism. The light colours also should not be ignored. In a combination with the shining mirrors you can have light which will brighten the whole place and makes it seem a larger one.

The large display cabinet model is produced in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. However, our most demanding customers prefer the large display cabinet model to be produced completely from solid wood.